The 7 Best Lobster Rolls In The U.S.

Lobster rolls are a quintessential seafood dish enjoyed by food lovers across the United States. From the classic Maine lobster roll to innovative variations found in different regions, there’s no shortage of delicious options to explore. Here are the seven best lobster rolls in the U.S. that are sure to tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your seafood cravings.

Maine Lobster Roll

Indulge in the classic Maine lobster roll, featuring tender chunks of fresh lobster meat lightly dressed in mayonnaise and served in a buttery split-top bun. This iconic dish perfectly captures the essence of New England seafood with its simple yet irresistible flavors.

Connecticut Lobster Roll

Experience the Connecticut-style lobster roll, where lobster meat is simply drizzled with melted butter and served in a warm, toasted bun. This minimalist approach allows the sweet and succulent flavor of the lobster to shine, making it a favorite among seafood purists.

Massachusetts Lobster Roll

Savor the Massachusetts-style lobster roll, which often features a combination of lobster meat and celery tossed in a light dressing. This refreshing twist adds texture and depth to the dish while highlighting the natural sweetness of the lobster.

New York Lobster Roll

Discover the New York-style lobster roll, which may feature innovative variations such as lobster salad with avocado or a lobster roll. With its diverse culinary influences and creative flair, the New York lobster roll offers a unique and exciting take on this beloved seafood classic.

Rhode Island Lobster Roll

Experience the Rhode Island-style lobster roll, known for its simplicity and focus on showcasing the natural flavor of the lobster meat. With minimal seasoning and garnishes, this no-fuss approach allows the quality of the lobster to speak for itself, making it a favorite among purists.

California Lobster Roll

Delight in the California-style lobster roll, where lobster meat is often paired with fresh avocado, citrusy aioli, and crunchy vegetables. This vibrant and flavorful combination reflects the sunny spirit of California cuisine, offering a refreshing twist on the traditional lobster roll.

Florida Lobster Roll

Explore the Florida-style lobster roll, featuring sweet and succulent Florida spiny lobster meat served in a variety of creative preparations. From grilled lobster tails to lobster salad sliders, Florida offers a range of innovative and mouthwatering options for lobster lovers to enjoy.

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