9 US States So Expensive They Are Not Worth Moving To

9 US States So Expensive They Are Not Worth Moving To

Moving to a new state can be an exciting prospect, offering fresh opportunities and experiences. However, not all states are created equal when it comes to affordability. Some states boast exorbitant living costs that may outweigh the potential benefits of relocation. Here, we delve into nine US states notorious for their high expenses, making them less appealing options for prospective movers.


California, often romanticized for its sunny weather and vibrant culture, comes with a hefty price tag. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are notorious for their exorbitant housing prices and steep taxes, significantly surpassing the national average. The allure of California’s lifestyle must be weighed against the financial burden it imposes on residents.

New York

New York, particularly its bustling metropolis, New York City, is synonymous with high living expenses. From sky-high rents to elevated taxes, the cost of residing in the Big Apple is significantly above the national average. Despite the city’s allure and opportunities, the financial strain it places on inhabitants may deter potential movers.


The picturesque landscapes of Hawaii come at a cost, quite literally. The Aloha State boasts a cost of living far surpassing that of the mainland, with expenses like housing, groceries, and transportation reaching exorbitant levels. While the natural beauty of Hawaii is undeniable, the financial strain it imposes may make it an impractical choice for many.


In Massachusetts, particularly urban hubs like Boston, the cost of living can be staggering. Expensive housing coupled with high taxes contribute to the state’s reputation for financial strain. While the historic charm and cultural richness of Massachusetts may appeal to some, the financial burdens cannot be overlooked.

Washington, D.C.

Although not technically a state, Washington, D.C. rivals many states in terms of living expenses. With expensive housing options and a high cost of living index, the nation’s capital presents a significant financial challenge for residents. Despite its cultural and political significance, the financial strain may dissuade potential movers.


Connecticut’s scenic beauty is juxtaposed with its high taxes, particularly property taxes. Affluent areas in the state come with even steeper living costs, making Connecticut a challenging place to reside for many. While its proximity to major cities may be enticing, the financial implications must be carefully considered.

New Jersey

While offering proximity to major economic hubs like New York City and Philadelphia, New Jersey also presents a significant financial burden to residents. High property taxes and an overall high cost of living make it a less appealing option for many prospective movers. Despite its conveniences, the financial strain may outweigh the benefits.


The Last Frontier, as Alaska is often referred to, presents unique challenges for residents due to its remote location. The need to import many goods and services contributes to the state’s high cost of living, particularly in more isolated areas. While Alaska’s natural beauty is unparalleled, the financial sacrifices required may deter potential movers.


Oregon, while not as expensive as some other states on this list, has seen a notable increase in its cost of living in recent years. Cities like Portland have witnessed a surge in living expenses, making it a less viable option for budget-conscious individuals. Despite its scenic landscapes and progressive culture, the financial strain may outweigh the benefits for many.

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