The Top 7 Longest Ski Lifts In The United States

Skiing enthusiasts seek the thrill of conquering slopes, and the journey begins with the ascent. Ski lifts not only transport riders but also offer breathtaking views. In the United States, numerous ski resorts boast impressive lifts, some of which are among the longest in the world. Let’s explore seven of the most remarkable ones.

1. Jackson Hole Tram – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Wyoming

The Jackson Hole Tram ascends 4,139 feet, offering panoramic views of the Teton Range. It’s a vital link for accessing some of the most challenging terrain in North America. Riders experience a dramatic ascent, reaching the summit in just 9 minutes. The tram is an iconic feature of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, attracting skiers and sightseers alike.

2. Peak 2 Peak Gondola – Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia

Connecting Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, the Peak 2 Peak Gondola spans 1.88 miles, making it the longest continuous lift system in the world. Riders soar above the breathtaking Whistler Valley, with stunning views of the surrounding peaks and forests. The gondola revolutionized skiing at Whistler Blackcomb, enhancing accessibility and offering an unforgettable experience.

3. Mammoth Mountain Gondola – Mammoth Mountain, California

The Mammoth Mountain Gondola transports riders 2.8 miles from the base to the summit, offering access to a vast array of terrain suitable for all skill levels. It provides stunning views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the surrounding wilderness. The gondola is a popular choice for skiers and snowboarders seeking convenience and breathtaking vistas.

4. Lone Peak Tram – Big Sky Resort, Montana

Rising 1,450 vertical feet to the summit of Lone Peak, this tram offers access to some of the most challenging terrain in Big Sky Resort. Riders are treated to sweeping views of the rugged Montana landscape during the exhilarating ascent. The Lone Peak Tram is a must-ride for thrill-seekers and adventurers visiting Big Sky Resort.

5. Gold Hill Express – Telluride Ski Resort, Colorado

The Gold Hill Express lift ascends 2,500 vertical feet, providing access to some of the steepest and most thrilling terrain in Telluride. Riders are rewarded with breathtaking views of the San Juan Mountains as they ascend to the summit. The lift is a favorite among advanced skiers and snowboarders seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences.

6. Mount Rainier Gondola – Crystal Mountain Resort, Washington

The Mount Rainier Gondola transports riders 2,456 vertical feet to the summit of Crystal Mountain, offering spectacular views of Mount Rainier and the surrounding Cascade Range. It provides convenient access to a variety of terrain, including groomed runs and backcountry skiing opportunities. The gondola is a popular choice for families and sightseers.

7. Bald Mountain Express – Sun Valley Resort, Idaho

The Bald Mountain Express lift ascends 3,400 vertical feet, providing access to the legendary slopes of Sun Valley Resort. Riders enjoy stunning views of the Sawtooth Mountains and the iconic Bald Mountain during the scenic journey to the summit. The lift is a cornerstone of Sun Valley’s reputation as a premier destination for skiing and snowboarding.


Ski lifts are more than just a means of transportation; they’re an integral part of the skiing experience, offering riders spectacular views and access to incredible terrain. The United States is home to some of the longest and most iconic ski lifts in the world, each offering its own unique charm and thrill. Whether you’re seeking challenging slopes or breathtaking vistas, these lifts promise an unforgettable journey through the mountains. So, pack your gear and embark on an adventure to discover the beauty and excitement of these top seven longest ski lifts in the United States.

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