The 6 Largest Komodo Dragon Ever

The 6 Largest Komodo Dragon Ever

Komodo dragons are fascinating creatures that capture the imagination with their massive size and unique characteristics. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of these formidable reptiles and explore the six largest Komodo dragons ever recorded.

1. Naga

Naga, a male Komodo dragon, gained fame as one of the largest ever recorded. Measuring an impressive 10.3 feet in length and weighing approximately 166 kg (366 lbs), Naga was a formidable presence in the Komodo National Park.

2. Yaya

Yaya, a female Komodo dragon, was another giant of her species. She measured 9.8 feet long and weighed around 140 kg (309 lbs), making her one of the largest female Komodos ever documented.

3. Besar

Besar was a massive male Komodo dragon, stretching 10 feet long and weighing about 135 kg (298 lbs). His imposing size and strength made him a dominant figure in his habitat.

4. Ganas

Ganas, a male Komodo dragon, was known for his impressive size, measuring 10.5 feet long and weighing approximately 140 kg (309 lbs). His name, which means “ferocious” in Indonesian, suited his formidable presence.

5. Komo

Komo was a male Komodo dragon that reached a length of 10.8 feet and weighed around 136 kg (300 lbs). His size and power made him a force to be reckoned with in the Komodo dragon hierarchy.

6. Ora

Ora, a female Komodo dragon, was one of the largest females ever recorded. She measured 9.5 feet in length and weighed approximately 125 kg (276 lbs), showcasing the impressive size range within the species.


The world of Komodo dragons is filled with awe-inspiring giants like Naga, Yaya, Besar, Ganas, Komo, and Ora. These creatures, with their massive size and unique adaptations, continue to fascinate researchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. As we continue to study and protect these magnificent reptiles, we gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity and wonder of the natural world.

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