9 Prepper Items to Look For at the Goodwill Store

In the world of prepping, finding affordable gear and supplies is crucial. Goodwill stores can be treasure troves for preppers on a budget, offering a wide array of items that can be repurposed for emergency preparedness. From survival tools to clothing and supplies, here are nine prepper items you should keep an eye out for during your next visit to the Goodwill store.

1. Backpacks and Bags

Goodwill often has a selection of backpacks and bags that can serve as bug-out bags or emergency kits. Look for sturdy, water-resistant options with multiple compartments for organizing your gear.

2. Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor clothing like waterproof jackets, sturdy boots, and thermal layers are essential for surviving in harsh conditions. Check Goodwill for gently used items that can keep you warm and dry during emergencies.

3. Camping Equipment

You can often find camping gear such as tents, sleeping bags, and portable stoves at Goodwill. These items are essential for shelter and warmth during outdoor emergencies or evacuations.

4. First Aid Supplies

Stock up on first aid supplies like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers from Goodwill. While you should always check expiration dates, many stores carry unopened medical supplies that are still usable.

5. Tools and Multipurpose Gear

Goodwill is a great place to find multipurpose tools like pocket knives, flashlights, and multitools. These items can come in handy for various tasks during emergencies, from cutting branches to fixing equipment.

6. Water Storage Containers

Look for large containers like jugs or water bottles at Goodwill for storing emergency water supplies. Make sure to clean them thoroughly before use and consider purchasing a water purification system if needed.

7. Books on Survival Skills

Expand your knowledge of survival skills by browsing Goodwill’s book section. Look for titles on wilderness survival, first aid, foraging, and other relevant topics to enhance your preparedness.

8. Household Items for Off-Grid Living

Goodwill often carries household items like camp stoves, lanterns, and portable heaters that can be useful for off-grid living or during power outages.

9. DIY and Craft Supplies

Get creative with DIY projects by sourcing materials from Goodwill. From sewing kits to gardening tools, you can find various supplies for creating homemade solutions for emergencies.


Goodwill stores offer a wide range of affordable prepper items that can enhance your emergency preparedness without breaking the bank. By keeping an eye out for these nine categories of items, you can build a comprehensive survival kit on a budget. Remember to inspect items carefully for quality and functionality, and always prioritize essential supplies like water, food, and shelter in your preparedness efforts. Happy prepping!

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