9 Fast-Growing Perennials That Will Fill Your Garden In A Flash

Transforming your garden into a vibrant oasis doesn’t have to take years. By choosing fast-growing perennials, you can enjoy a burst of color and beauty in no time. Here are nine perennials that will quickly fill your garden and attract pollinators with their stunning blossoms.

1. Agastache


  • Colorful Spikes: Agastache, also known as hummingbird mint, boasts tall spikes of flowers in various shades including red, pink, coral, and purple.
  • Pollinator Magnet: Loved by bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, agastache is a heat and drought-tolerant perennial that blooms from summer to early fall.

2. Coreopsis


  • Daisy-like Blooms: Coreopsis produces cheerful daisy-like flowers in shades of gold, yellow, and red, attracting butterflies and bees.
  • Deer Resistant: This robust perennial is deer-resistant and thrives in hot, dry conditions, making it perfect for sunny gardens.

3. Catmint


  • Easy to Grow: Catmint is one of the easiest perennials to cultivate, adapting well to various soil types and conditions.
  • Deer and Rabbit Resistant: Its fragrant foliage deters deer and rabbits, making it a low-maintenance option for gardeners.

4. Salvia


  • Attractive Tubular Flowers: Salvia, or sage, produces attractive tubular flowers in shades of purple, white, and pink, attracting hummingbirds and other pollinators.
  • Long Bloom Period: Depending on the variety, salvia blooms from late spring to early fall, adding color and beauty to the garden.

5. Kniphofia


  • Dramatic Blooms: Also known as red hot poker, kniphofia adds drama to the landscape with its spiky, exotic-looking blossoms.
  • Pollinator Friendly: Hummingbirds are particularly drawn to the vibrant flowers of kniphofia, which bloom from summer to October.

6. Perennial Geranium


  • Hardy Groundcover: Perennial geraniums, or cranesbill geraniums, are hardy groundcovers that spread quickly, producing butterfly-like blooms from late spring to early summer.
  • Deer Resistant: With their rapid growth and deer-resistant foliage, perennial geraniums are a reliable choice for filling garden spaces.

7. Daylily


  • Abundant Blooms: Daylilies produce large, vibrant blooms that last for one day each, but each plant is loaded with blossoms, providing weeks of color.
  • Versatile: With flowers in a wide range of hues, daylilies can bloom in early, middle, or late summer, depending on the variety.

8. Gaura


  • Butterfly-like Blossoms: Gaura, or butterfly flower, produces delicate blossoms that resemble butterflies dancing in the breeze.
  • Drought Tolerant: This perennial can withstand droughts and blooms throughout the entire summer, attracting pollinators with its charming flowers.

9. Lavender


  • Fragrant Blooms: Lavender’s fragrant purple blooms and silvery foliage add beauty and aroma to any garden.
  • Heat Tolerant: While some varieties may struggle in hot climates, selecting the right type of lavender ensures enjoyment of its lovely flowers and aromatic leaves.

Incorporating these fast-growing perennials into your garden is an excellent way to add color, fragrance, and beauty without waiting years for your plants to mature.

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