9 Cool Space Bun Hairstyles To Strike A Chic Look

Space buns are a fun and stylish way to amp up your hairstyle game. Whether you’re heading to a music festival, a casual day out, or just want to add a playful touch to your look, space buns are versatile and can be customized to suit any occasion. From classic double buns to braided variations, here are nine cool space bun hairstyles that will help you strike a chic and trendy look effortlessly.

1. Classic Double Space Buns

The classic double space buns are a timeless choice that never fails to make a statement. Simply part your hair down the middle and create two high ponytails on each side. Twist each ponytail into a bun and secure them with bobby pins. This hairstyle works well with both sleek and textured hair, making it a go-to option for various events.

2. Messy Bun with Face-Framing Strands

For a more relaxed and effortless vibe, opt for a messy bun with face-framing strands. Start by loosely tying your hair into two high ponytails. Twist each ponytail into a bun, leaving a few strands loose around your face to create a soft and romantic look. This style is perfect for casual outings or a day at the beach.

3. Half-Up Space Buns

The half-up space buns combine the best of both worlds, allowing you to showcase your length while adding a playful twist. Simply divide the top section of your hair into two parts and create two small buns on the crown of your head. Leave the rest of your hair down for a whimsical and charming appearance.

4. Braided Space Buns

Elevate your space buns with braided details for a boho-chic look. Begin by braiding two sections of hair on each side of your head, starting from the temples and working towards the crown. Once braided, twist each section into a bun and secure them with pins. This style adds texture and intricacy to your hairstyle, making it ideal for special occasions.

5. Sleek High Space Buns

For a sleek and polished appearance, opt for high space buns that sit right on top of your head. Use a smoothing gel or hairspray to tame any flyaways and create a smooth base. Twist your hair into two neat buns and secure them tightly for a sophisticated yet playful look that works well for formal events or a night out.

6. Low Space Buns with Accessories

Add a touch of glamour to your space buns by incorporating accessories like hairpins, ribbons, or beads. Start by creating two low buns at the nape of your neck and then adorn them with your chosen accessories. This style allows you to express your creativity and personalize your look according to your mood or outfit.

7. Space Buns with Bangs

If you have bangs or fringe, consider pairing them with space buns for a trendy and youthful appearance. Style your bangs as desired and then create two buns on top of your head. The contrast between the structured buns and soft bangs creates a visually appealing and fashion-forward look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

8. Twisted Space Buns

Give your space buns a twist—literally—with this creative hairstyle. Instead of traditional buns, twist your hair into rope-like strands and coil them into two buns on either side of your head. This technique adds an element of texture and uniqueness to your space buns, making them stand out from the crowd.

9. Space Buns with Colored Extensions

Experiment with color by adding vibrant extensions to your space buns. Choose extensions in bold hues like pink, blue, or purple to create a striking contrast against your natural hair color. This playful and daring hairstyle is perfect for festivals, parties, or anytime you want to make a statement with your hair.

These nine space bun hairstyles offer endless possibilities for expressing your personal style and adding a touch of whimsy to your look. Whether you prefer classic elegance or bohemian flair, there’s a space bun variation that will suit your taste and elevate your overall appearance. Try out different styles and have fun experimenting with this versatile and trendy hairdo!

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