8 Easy Foundation Plants for the Front of Your House

Foundation plants play a crucial role in landscaping, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home’s exterior. Choosing the right plants for the front of your house can significantly impact curb appeal and create a welcoming atmosphere. Here, we’ve compiled a list of eight easy-to-grow foundation plants that are perfect for adding beauty and charm to your home’s facade.


Stonecrop, also known as Sedum, is a versatile perennial that forms a compact mound, perfect for edging foundation beds. Its low-growing habit and rounded shape make it ideal for planting in front of taller shrubs or roses.


Catmint is a hardy perennial that thrives in full sun and requires minimal maintenance. Its profusion of blue flowers creates a striking visual impact, making it an excellent choice for mass planting along the front of your house.


Hostas are shade-loving perennials that come in a variety of sizes and colors, making them perfect for planting under trees or in shaded areas of your foundation beds. Their lush foliage adds texture and interest to the landscape.

Ornamental Onion

Ornamental onions, particularly Allium ‘Millenium,’ have gained popularity for their unique globe-shaped flowers and easy care requirements. These perennials are sure to make a statement in your front yard with their long-lasting blooms.

Globe Arborvitae

Globe Arborvitae is a dwarf evergreen shrub that forms a neat, rounded shape, making it an excellent choice for planting along walkways or in front of windows. Its compact size and minimal pruning requirements make it ideal for low-maintenance landscaping.


Common juniper is a hardy evergreen shrub that adds texture and color to foundation beds. Its low, spreading habit creates a lush green backdrop for other plants and flowers, making it a popular choice for landscaping.

Panicle Hydrangea

Panicle hydrangeas are easy-to-grow shrubs that produce showy clusters of flowers in summer. They come in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for planting along the front of your house or in containers on your porch or patio.

Switch Grass

Switch grass is a native ornamental grass that adds height and texture to foundation plantings. Its upright growth habit and tolerance to heat and drought make it a versatile choice for landscaping in a variety of climates.

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