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Gives You the Power to Change Your Life!

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Stress, Anxiety Management

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Regression Therapy

Release Trauma, Heal & Embrace Your New Life!

Insomnia & Sleep

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Troubled Teens

Find Direction as You Explore a Bright New Future!

COVID Recovery

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Coping with Grief

Find Peace & Understanding in Loss

Coping with Grief

Find Peace & Understanding in Loss

We all go through grief at some time of our lives. Sometimes it’s loss of someone close to us, or a much loved pet and it leaves us feeling a deep sense of sadness and pain, and many find it extremely difficult to cope. We all grieve in different ways but most of us do not understand grief and how to cope with the emotional turmoil it brings.

Grief is a complex mixture of strong emotions: anger, pain, shock, disbelief, nostalgia, sadness that have several stages such as denial, anger, bargaining and acceptance. Sometimes we find it too challenging to move on with our lives. We get stuck in depression, anger, resentment, helplessness and an intense sadness envelopes us and takes a toll on our mental and emotional state. This is where many seek professional help when they, or family members / friends, recognise that they are not coping.

Any loss can cause grief such as:


Divorce, sudden breakup of relationship, end of friendship

Death of a pet

Miscarriage, stillbirth or the birth of a disabled child

Losing something cherished

Loss of employment, business or money


Moving to a new location; losing friends, familiarity with location/home

Empathy for a friend or family member

Hopelessness in achieving a dream or life goal

Lockdown; extreme lack of socialisation

Grief can be felt physically as well as emotionally, and you may be experiencing:

Aches, pains, fatigue, loss of appetite (weight loss)

Frustration and anger

Existential dread

Detachment from your people and surroundings

Changes in eating habits, social or lifestyle


Memory loss and inability to concentrate

Loss of interest in hobbies, people, social situations, everything

It’s normal to feel pain, shock, disbelief, sadness, depression, anger, helplessness or other strong emotions after losing your loved one. It’s how we treat ourselves and others that shows whether we have an issue that requires professional help. The more emotionally attached you are to your loss the more intense your grief will be. Some people grieve for months, some for years, but its important to understand that if you deal with your grief you will feel better and over time learn to live in peace.

Our trained and experienced Therapists can help you gently navigate the stages of grief using Hypnosis and a combination of other holistic therapies, teaching you tools and skills to recognise that your new reality is okay and that you can cope, eventually moving to a place of peace and acceptance of your loss.

We are compassionate and want to see you live your best life. Book your Discovery Consultation today and let us help you work through your grief to emerge into a place of wellness and peace.


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Hypnosis addresses the core of the issue and helps your mind and subconscious to process and effect change quickly, meaning you get over whatever’s been holding you back… FAST!

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP can help you to change your mindset and change your life using easy techniques and visualizations so you can be the best version of you!

Quit Smoking

Freedom from Smoking Programs customised for you so you can really taste your food again, and live with vitality & health! If you are ready to stop smoking then book your appointment today & live FREE from smoking!

Weight Management

Whether you can't stop eating or find trouble eating, we have a customised program just for you. With a gentle understanding approach, we help you move forward so you can once again live a full and happy life.

Psychotherapy and Counselling

Is similar to talk therapy, Psychotherapy helps in the treatment of mental health issues and symptoms, so you can understand your feelings and learn new skills to cope with current issues and face new challenges in the future. Psychotherapy delves deeper into the core your problems as we as assisting you with how to solve them

Stress, Anxiety Management

Live beyond surviving! Embrace a thriving life, and discover how our trained Therapists can equip you with customised methods, tools and strategies to overcome your stress and anxiety for good! Hypnosis helps by intercepting this vicious cycle of outdated thoughts and emotions, and reprogramming the brain’s fight, flight and freeze mechanisms helping many issues to ease and resolve.

Holistic Therapies

Three different methods for assisting our mind, emotions and body to recover, cope and achieve more after we go through challenging life experiences. They can help a variety of issues such as emotional disturbances, stress, wellbeing, healing the body naturally from trauma/injury, self help tools.

Regression Therapy

Journey back through your life to points that may have been a trigger for current issues and find ways to process them afresh, whilst removing much of the ‘sting’ out of the experiences. Life Regression Therapy is guided Hypnotherapy as you revisit your previous lives that have shaped the path you have walked thus far.

Insomnia & Sleep

Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool in dealing with insomnia and sleep issues. The root cause of most sleep issues are anxiety. If your daily level of anxiety is higher than average, then you may struggle to get to sleep &/or stay asleep. Fortunately Hypnotherapy is a formidable ally in our conquest of insomnia and the anxiety that underpins its existence!

Troubled Teens

The teenage years can be extremely challenging both for parents and teens themselves. Our trained Therapists can help you navigate your way through this stressful time by providing tools to help everyone cope, counselling to ease anxiety, boost confidence, motivation and self esteem so you can achieve the things you really want.

COVID Recovery

The after effects of Covid-19 illness can vary in severity and symptoms and can continue for weeks or months beyond the initial illness. Hypnotherapy encourages your body to reach a natural relaxation which improves your sense of wellbeing, helping you restore your self confidence so you can get back into living your life again! Hypnosis is a very effective tool to help your mind overcome negative though patterns, enabling you to live in freedom!

Coping with Grief

We all go through grief. Sometimes it’s loss of someone close, or a much loved pet and it leaves us feeling a deep sense of sadness and pain, with some finding it difficult to cope. Our Therapists can help you navigate your grief using Hypnosis and a combination of other holistic therapies, teaching you tools and skills to recognise that your new reality is okay and that you can cope, eventually moving to a place of peace and acceptance of your loss.